Ellagee’s Baby It’s Cold Outside and Gramma’s Candy Dish Review!

I don’t normally do so many posts in one day but couldn’t wait to share this beauty with you all! This was my first purchase from Ellagee but ever since I saw photo’s of Baby It’s Cold Outside I had to have it and was in love. She even sends them with a removable stretch rhinestone ring, but it looks so lovely on the bottle I left it! It’s $9 on her Storenvy site. It has a nice sheer baby blue jelly base, pink and white snowflakes, “white, pink, blue, and irridescent glitters in various shapes and sizes”. It is snowflake heaven! I love her labels too!


It comes with a stir stick to help get the heavier snowflake glitters brought to the top for easier “fishing”, she also included a Smarties candy! These polishes are from her Magical Winter Holidays Collection that are limited edition and available until sold out or till December 26, 2013. So without further adieu here is Baby It’s Cold Outside in all it’s loveliness!

I understand people usually put glitter polishes over a solid to do it justice but I feel these two polishes are actually so breathtaking on their own, that I don’t want to take away from their beauty but rather enhance it! So with this one I kept it simple, two coats over a naked nail and a matte top coat for a frosted snowflake effect.


Everything was wrapped so beautifully! I purchased the full sized Baby It’s Cold Outside and was sent the mini Gramma’s Candy dish for review and swatches on my blog!


Here is her business card by the way if any of you fall in love as quickly as I did!


Here is a lovely photo of the Gramma’s Candy Dish that reminds me of my grandmas butter mints or dinner mints that she got me addicted to! I actually have a bag that a friend mailed me and I love how buttery minty the treats are. The white, pink, red, and spearmint green glitters in various shapes and sizes are perfect for the name. It’s recommended over a color on the website but I used a sheer pink over the glitter to give it a peppermint candy feel. I added a matte top coat to really make it feel like candy!



I appreciate when polishes are labeled, including mini’s, it’s a pet peeve of mine. I’ve been sent polishes without name labels and it’s bothersome to blog about an unlabeled polish especially if I forgot the name. Application of both polishes was very easy, I did need to use the mixing stick once before doing each hand to help bring the snowflakes to the surface but it was so easy that it was not bothersome at all. Dry time with a quick dry top coat was easy peasy and not bumpy at all. Two coats of each was how I preferred it, but could have easily done one coat of either polish, it just depends on what I’m feeling like! I personally adore the two with a matte top coat this time but with a shiny top coat it all glitters beautifully!


This was, like I said, my first purchase from Ellagee, but definitely not my last! I highly recommend this shop and am excited to have discovered such a wonderful Indie polish maker!


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