Glitter Guilty November 2013 Box and Mani!

I love Thanksgiving, it is my 2nd favorite holiday, my 1st being Christmas! They’re only 1 month apart too, so it’s an exciting two months for me! I was excited to see what Glitter Guilty sent me after last months announcement of her pregnancy and polish customizations. I like the little typed notes she sends with the box. She also mentions including an extra mini matte top coat in our box, recommending a quick dry top coat before applying since it isn’t a quick dry top coat. As with each month’s box she encourages us to share blog links about our box, or box and mani photos on her Facebook page to be entered to win a full sized polish of our choice! Oh how I would love to win so I could have a full size of the monthly mini!!

She acknowledges that many of us are not fans of brown but to give this month’s mini a chance! I have faith in her polishes so I’ll trust her.

Here is the first glance after reading the note!


The treat is chocolate!! It is Chuao Chocolatier Salted Chocolate Crunch, a mini chocolate bar. Crunchy toasted breadcrumbs dusted with sea salt and swirled in dark chocolate. This has a very fine grainy texture with each bite but not necessarily unpleasant. I love dark chocolate so I knew I would love this automatically, and I did! They’re only 50 calories each too (stated in capital letters on the back lol).


Here is the extra item, a mini Mattify Top Coat, I really appreciate the extra detail of a label at the bottom of the bottle. It seems extra thoughtful, I like all my polishes (even mini’s) to be labeled and really appreciate when they are! Cute name too!


For the mini, it is a absolutely stunning brown micro-glitter, that reminds me of scattered cinnamon. It’s absolutely stunning by itself. I will have to do a separate mani with this polish alone next time. It’s called Sugar and Spice, a perfect name. Even the bottle photo doesn’t do it justice! I wish I got a photo of it when I had this alone on my nails before adding the glitter. The photo will be at the end of this post.

Here is a swatch sticker so you can get an idea of how it looks like scattered cinnamon! It’s the swatch on the far right!


The full sized polish I received is Pumpkin Spice Cake. The name is perfect for fall and the polish is a sheer cream jelly I believe, with orange holo hex glitter, lovely light brown hex’s, and brown micro-glitter. So simple yet so lovely and paired with Sugar and Spice makes a heavenly recipe!


See what I mean? On the accent nail I applied a coat of Sugar and Spice, then one coat of Pumpkin Spice Cake, a second coat of Sugar and Spice and then painted the tip with Pumpkin Spice Cake. This is my ideal fall combination that I am currently obsessed with!


I have continuously been very pleased with my Glitter Guilty polishes and have quickly become a die hard fan and will continue to get this subscription as long as it is available!


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