Fun mani/pedi nail design!

I also did my nails for our date night! I did these yesterday so I thought I’d share this today with you guys! Here’s a fun and bright mani/pedi look for any time, but especially great for the spring and summer!

These are the colors I used…


First apply the base coat, the Essie grow stronger seems to help my nails from being super weak after removing the polish! Next apply Julep’s Lauren and Korin on every other fingernail. It should look like this.


Next I have these fun handmade polishes from A Girl Obsessed on Etsy. It was my first order from her and I chose AGO (self titled), and Sock Monkey since I love red and black and sock monkeys are adorable! I applied Sock Monkey on my middle fingernails, and AGO on my pinky nails. Next for my thumb accents I painted some Julep Esmeralda nail glitter polish onto paper and using a dotting tool individually applied glitter pieces to shape a heart.

Pictured on the bottom right. Next I picked out a black diamond shape and pink hexi from AGO with my dotting tool to add to the thumbs. Lastly on the pointer and ring fingers I added some more of the green glitter from Esmeralda onto the tips (french style) and added a little triangle to the middle to look like a halo crown. 🙂 Seal everything with two coats of the mega shine top coat and your mani and pedi is going to be sparkling like crazy! I did my pedi slightly different but still similar so that it matches.

Have fun recreating your own mani/pedi! Here is the finished mani look as well!



4 thoughts on “Fun mani/pedi nail design!

    • Thank you I’m so flattered! You’re very sweet and I’m excited to have you as a follower! Would love to see any posts/photos of your cute mani/pedis as well! ❤

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