Birchbox May 2013

Time for this month’s Birchbox unwrapping!


I keep these boxes for my Julep polishes to organize them since they fit perfectly. They’re good for organizing samples or trinkets you have too.


The insert.


The goodies. 🙂


I was interested to see a pen in the box but also confused since I thought it’s more of a beauty box subscription. However, I am a pen junkie so I didn’t mind! Plus, I love the turquoise color!

It’s an Acroball Pure White pen by Pilot. It’s also a hybrid pen in the sense that it writes with the smoothness of a gel ink without smudging or smearing like one, and has a fun colored ink to match the comfy grip!

Next I had to unwrap the pillow box.

It had a Sumita Color Contrast eyeliner in a navy blue shade, this one is a mini pencil but should last a while. Set of 4 mini pencils $21.

Also inside the pillow box was a Coola organic SPF30 cucumber moisturizer for face. Full size $32. I can’t wait to use this! I love organic beauty and skin care products.

I love this cute red and black bottle from Beauty Protector, a protect & detangle leave in conditioner.

It has a nice light floral scent to it, and really works well at detangling my hair! It also added an incredibly unbelievable amount of shine to it. I felt my hair thinking it was still wet but it was just super shiny! lol Full size $21.95.

Also included was a sample of Joie Folle de Joie eau de parfum, a debut scent with a mix of mandarin, rose, and sandalwood.

My husband loved it, and so did I! Full size is $98 so it’d be a while before I bought one, mostly because I’m trying to use up all my perfumes first before buying more.

I almost with the perfume sample was more a deluxe sized sample than a spray mini but I’ll use this one since I really liked the scent. It’s perfect for spring! I’d love to hear what you got in your Birchbox if you have a subscription!


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