Hawaii Snack Box September 2015

I have been loving each Hawaii Snack Box so far and was super excited to see September’s box on my new doorstep of the condo we just moved into!! I immediately opened it, in need of a snack, especially after … Continue reading

Universal Yums, Yum Yum Box from China

I was pretty excited about this month because I love lots of snacks from China already and am hoping to discover new favorites, and be reunited with old ones!

First look.

Starting with Spicy Peanuts. There are sliced red chilis and tiny black peppercorns mixed throughout making this a spicy snack that was meant to enjoy in the cold weather from the Szechuan province in China.

Blueberry Pie, I had to guess and feel with this, and a few other, snacks because it wasn’t labeled. 

Hot & Spicy Rice Crackers. I love asian rice crackers because I grew up snacking on them all the time. This is described as not being spicy really, but with a “mildly spiced with a sweet topping”.

Sugar Glazed Rice Crackers. These look so good!

Butterfly Cookies. This package wasn’t labeled either. The cookies are shaped like butterfly wings.

Lucky Candy. These are strawberry flavored and normally given out during Chinese New Year with a chewy center.

Almays Almond Cookies. I used to eat these all the time with my grandparents. They were given out at the end of a meal at most of the restaurants they would take me to. I was a little sad to see how all of them arrived broken, but I will still enjoy them.

Peach Milk Ball Soft Candy. This was pretty nasty to me, it started out with a buttery candy popcorn taste to it but as I kept chewing, the “milky” texture started tasting and changing to an unpleasant one. I will not be enjoying or gifting the remaining candies. Also there was absolutely no peach flavor at all.

Vegetable Cookies. That sounds…interesting and I’m unsure about how it will taste. It’s described as “a light and airy texture, but leaves you with a flavorful burst of onino and other veggies”. The description does make it sound enticing.

Chocolate Flute Wafers. I always love these types of cookie snacks, it reminds me of the Pirouline brand I normally enjoy.

Black Sesame Crackers. These are a traditional snack, there tends to be a lot of sesame seeds in these which should be expected with the name.

Assorted Crispy Candy. These I wouldn’t quite call a candy but maybe a nutty treat. 

Wasabi Potato Crispy. These sound awesome, I don’t eat too many wasabi snacks, but I will try these gladly.

Pineapple & Tangerine Hard Candies. Apparently the pineapple tastes like a sweet, ripe pineapple, but the tangerine doesn’t taste like anything familiar.

White Rabbit. This is a real milk candy with an edible clear wrapper that is made from rice. I grew up on these and haven’t had them since I was younger, so I was really excited to get these. It might be an acquired taste but either way I’m happy!

Bubba couldn’t help but stay close in case I dropped any of these snacks lol. There was a lot of snacks and candy included this month, I’m very impressed!

Universal Yums Germany Debut December 2014 Box

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