Hawaii Snack Box February 2016

Hawaii Snack Box has arrived! 

 First look at the box and inserts.

First up is a dark chocolate pineapple candy bar from Oven Treats. This has dried candied pineapple bits mixed in with the dark chocolate and is pretty tasty.

Rainbow Falls Connections chocolate macadamia nut lavosh. This is a traditional lavosh dipped in milk chocolate and macadamia nuts. I like the cookie part, it’s more like a biscuit tea cookie, and the chocolate part transforms it into a sweeter delicacy. I like eating the biscuit part and the chocolate parts separately since they taste pretty different.
Kaj Store wasabi peas. I’m not really a fan of wasabi peas, especially since I have to cut back on spicy and acidic foods. I’ll save these for a friend.

Hawaiian Tea Company strawberry lychee tea. I am saving this for a warmer day to try, but it sounds wonderful as a iced tea!

Mauna Loa Mac Nuts honey glazed macadamia nuts. These are one of my favorite flavor and I love the adorable snack size pouch!

This was a okay box. I was most excited about the dark chocolate pineapple candy bar, and least liked the wasabi peas. I have been working with doctors to figure out why I have such severe acid reflux, and part of that is cutting out acidic foods and spicy foods, including caffeine so I won’t be able to try the tea for a while. I might have to temporarily cancel the subscription and swap it for something else until things change. I don’t want to bore you with the details but thought it was worth mentioning in case others are struggling with the same issue. 😃 Take care as always and thank you for reading my blog posts, I always appreciate it!


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