Hawaii Snack Box December 2015

Sorry for the delay in posts! I got sick before Christmas and then gave it to my hubby so we are both sick for now. I’ve also been working on organizing the new place, which will take me quite some time to do each area/room! So I’ll jump right into the Hawaii Snack Box


The inserts for the box.

 Hawaii’s Local Buzz Dark Chocolate Coffee Crunch. This is a bit strong in flavor, I normally like coffee flavored snacks but I wasn’t a fan of this.

  Hawaii’s Local Buzz Pineapple Mac Nut Cookies. These were soft and similar in texture to shortbread cookies, the pineapple was very subtle and almost hard to detect but I did enjoy the tropical taste of this cookie.
Hula Girl Maui Cane Sugar. I tried this on plain mochi (a rice cake) and it was really good 

 Family Company Lychee Volcano Popping Candy. These really taste like lychee and my husband and I love it!


Hamakua Macadamia Nut Company Wasabi Macadamia Nuts. I am not a fan of wasabi flavored snacks so I didn’t try this and gave it to a friend.

I loved almost everything in this box! My favorite item was the lychee popping candy, and the least favorite would be the wasabi macadamia nuts. I hope you all had a happy and memorable holiday season!

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