Hawaii Snack Box December 2015

The Hawaii Snack Box has arrived and it’s time to snack!  

 First look.


 Island Princess Mele Macs are covered in toffee, chocolate and a sugar dusting on top. They were heavenly and barely made it out of the box.

Bananas and Coconuts Coconut Candy. I wasn’t a fan of the texture or taste of this, and my husband does not like coconut, so I tossed it out.

 Island Princess Lightly Salated Macadamia Nuts. I enjoy these often and love them.
Meiji Chocorooms. These were the perfect snack to watch Netflix to! The fact that there are no mushrooms in this makes the mushroom shape odd, but the bottom is a biscuit type cracker and the mushroom head is a combo of milk and dark chocolate.

 Diamond Bakery Original Animal Crackers. These weren’t any “wow” crackers but I enjoyed them. It was a bit lacking in flavor or sweetness but I am not a fan of overly sweet products so this was perfect for me.
This wasn’t in the description card but there were two bonus pineapple strawberry tea bags, which sound delicious!
This was a pretty good box. There was only one item I didn’t like, but my favorite item are the Mele Macs. 


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