Hawaii Snack Box September 2015

I have been loving each Hawaii Snack Box so far and was super excited to see September’s box on my new doorstep of the condo we just moved into!! I immediately opened it, in need of a snack, especially after all the moving and unpacking. I still have a ton of unpacking to do but I can’t wait to make this place feel like home! 

 The cute box as usual (above)! First look (below). 

The insert, and this month’s culture card. 🙂 


First up is Punalu’u Bake Shop ilikoi Shortbread Cookies. My husband and I were ot so fond of this, it wasn’t sweet at all but rather tangy/tart. 
Kahala Organics Loose Leaf Fruit Tea. This tea is made up of dried fruit so it’s actually completely edible after finishing the drink! It’s in  the cutest little box wrapped in a bow!

Glico Kona COffee Pretz Biscuit Sticks. I love coffee flavored snacks and items, so this is right up my alley! 


Asia Trans Li Hing Mui Sour Watermelon. My husband and I ate this while unpacking and it was gone in one sitting. These were amazing and the perfect combination of sweet and sour! 


Hawaiian Snacks Luau BBQ Keetle Style Potato Chips. I’ve had these before, they’re the best potato chips and only ones that I like really! 


This box was great, the only thing I didn’t like were the Lilikoi shortbread cookies. My favorite item was definitely the Li Hing Sour Watermelon candy! 



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