Wantable Intimates Box September 2015

Septembers Wantable Intimates box has arrived!! I changed my likes to bras, loungewear, and leggings this time and disliked everything else. So let’s see what’s inside! First look. Most of the items were too big to take a photo of them all together so I did them individually. Our current living situation doesn’t give me much room at the moment so I’m happily working with what I’ve got! 

Pricing and detailing insert. 


First up is this super luxuriously comfortable Tart Noir Wide Band Drawstring Pant in Small. Retails for $40, my price $11.68. It is unbelieveably comfy, and very comparable to Victoria’s Secret lounge pants! “This drawstring lounge pant is the perfect comfy pant for around the house!” 
Honeydew Esential Bliss Cami in Medium and White. This tank is just as stretchy and comfortable as the pants, and I love the lace accents on the front chest and straps! “The Essential Bliss Cami features a slinky fabric accented with a stunning lace trim.” The cami runs a bit small so they sent me a size up to ensure the perfect fit, and it does fit nice and snug! Any smaller would definitely be too tight, so I am very happy on the size. 
Fleur’t Cozy Nights Long Sleeve Sleepshirt in Medium and Deep Blue. This is almost a duplicate of a sleep shirt my husband has bought me from Victoria’s Secret for $50, so I know these cost a lot. I love how stretchy and comfy this is also! “Stay warm and cozy in Fleur’t with Me’s Cozy Nights Long Sleeve Nightshirt.” This runs a bit small so I was sized up to ensure the perfect fit. 

This box was the best one by far and I love everything in it. It is all seriously comfortable, my style and just perfect lol. 


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