Hawaii Snack Box August

August’s Hawaii Snack Box has arrived! First look.



Uncle Mikey’s Dried Fruit Dried Pineapple. This is pretty good, chewy, and the sweetness is interesting. I’ve never had dried pineapple before, it’s not so bad! The pineapple loses its acidity and tartness through the dehydration process.


Kauai Kookie Guava Macadamia Nut Cookies. I love the fruit and nut combination. These cookies are generously sized too!


Kauai Kookie Taro Sugar Crunchies. These have a good flavor, it’s a sweet bread made of taro. The color is so pretty, don’t you think?


Island Princess Sweet Chili Nuts. I already love macadamia nuts but these have a nice spice to them!


Haw Flakes. I used to snack on this when I was younger, so this was a nostalgic treat that I enjoyed!


This was a good box, I loved everything in it!



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