Mani Post

Another updated mani post full of pictures!


I can’t remember if I showed this mani or not but I love it so much anyway! I used OPI On Pinks & Needles and a holo top coat.


Both are from Polish Me Silly, the blue is Misty River and the pale pink glitter is Pickled Pink. Both are thermals but with the hot summer it’s hard getting them to change.


Accent nail Damsel by Starrily, and the white crelly is unnamed by Mango Bunny Polish.


I won this Lacquer, it’s by Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer and called Wanna Fall in Love Tonight. It’s lilac in some lights with a shimmer of pink.


I used the same base as above, with a holo top coat from Liquid Sky Lacquer.


This one’s called Blushing From Ear to Ear and is also a thermal.

I hoped you enjoyed the manis in this post that I created! =)


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