Scentbird August Perfume

The usual small black bubble mailer with the pink Scentbird sticker means I’ve got a new high end perfume for the month! I love this subscription. I have a ton of perfumes but tend to get bored of them quickly, so having a new scent each month really keeps things exciting for me.


I picked Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream and it’s a light, sweet, and feminine scent. I know, I tend to stick with sweet florals but I just love it! This months perfume of the month is Burberry Brit as shown in the insert, I might have to try it out! Picked out by these two muses who also happen to be sisters.



I love the simplicity of the packaging and the pink and black color combination. They’re a favorite for me! I am also loving the pink spare case I bought, it matches almost every purse I use! Have you tried Scentbird or have been on the fence? It’s a great deal and fun way to change up your perfume usage each month. I’ve never enjoyed bringing my perfume with me, but with this cute case that’s lightweight and pretty, I now enjoy keeping it with me at all times!



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