Mod Lacquer Review

I recently purchased Aerial Phenomenon from Mod Lacquer, which is my first lacquer I will be trying from the brand. I loved the swatch of the pink holo I saw on their Facebook page and had to have it. I was also sent Aerodynamic for review, a gorgeous summer teal holo.


I created a cupcake holo mani using Aerodynamic as the main color, and Aerial Phenomenon for the accent nail. Hopefully this helps show both colors side by side. The pink has a very strong holo effect, while the teal is a bit more subtle. Application was perfect with two coats, each coat drying fairly quickly and there was no “dragging” even with the ceiling fan on!


I’m very impressed with their smooth, easy-to-apply formula and hope I helped anyone on the fence with this line! I suggest checking out the holo lacquers! They are very stunning, I think Aerial Phenomenon may be one of my favorite pink holos! I can picture wearing the teal to the beach and all summer long!


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