Acure Organics Prize Arrival

I recently won a Acure Organics night cream from Lilly List. I let her know how I have a severe allergy to lavender but would gladly still accept the prize. She went out of her way and contacted her Acure rep and let her know, and they contacted me asking about my skin type so they could find me a product for my needs. They picked the argan oil, which I am already a fan of so I happily accepted! I was very surprised when the prize arrived, they sent a cooler insulated bag that zips closed, a dark chocolate mint lip balm, and the argan oil!


I love the lip balm, I’m really into both dark chocolate and mint so it’s perfect for me! Have you tried these products? There were reviews on the website about a unpleasant scent in the argan oil, but I didn’t notice anything odd about it. It smells like argan oil to me. I will definitely use the bag a lot, and can’t wait to use the argan oil!


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