Kawaii Box June 2015

I cancelled my subscription to Kawaii Box because as cute as everything is, I felt like it was wasted money when I could get something I’ll use more often. Like the Wantable Intimates subscription or Scentbird where I pick a months supply of a high end perfume to be shipped ot me. I cancelled after I paid for this month so I still got this month’s box, and luckily the mailman caught me before I left for the gym, to sign for the package! That’s another reason I cancelled, I got tired of missing my boxes and being unable to sign and accept them. 


One thing they improved on is including the products listed on the back of the insert, instead of sifting through it all and guessing.  

First look. 


First up is a Okitoki Notebook Set. This is pretty cute but I’m not sure what I’ll use it for. I use the Evernote app on my Note 4 so I never really need paper for my lists. It even comes with a pen!


Meiji Petit Gum. I don’t chew gum so I’ll probably gift this. 


Rilakkuma Mini Letter Set. I love everything mini pretty much, and this is adorable! Again I don’t know when I’ll use it but I’m sure I can make use of it. 


Chocolate Bar Comb, this is cute but I have really long hair and a comb wouldn’t do the job! 


Alpaca Stickers. I welcome any stickers, I collect them and love them dearly! 


Harajuku Crepe Charm. I love crepes!! This one has mandarin oranges and cookies on the whipped cream. At first look I thought it was a ice cream cone but this is much cuter! 


Neon Bow Hair Band. This I will use often at the gym, it’s very vibrant and bright and I love it!   


Alpaca Eraser. I never use a pencil so I will save this for someone. 

Panda Color Pen, it writes in hot pink/red and the pen has cute little pandas all over it! 


Banana Mini Plush, I love this one too! These little plush charms are too cute! 


Doughnut Squishy Charm, It resembles Hello Kitty even with the bow so this is a favorite. I’m not sure what to place this on! 


Alpaca Card Holder. I thought it was weird to get a 2nd card holder within 2 months but at the same time it’s something I can use. I plan on using this to hook on to my Flipbelt when I go to the gym. I love that it has a snap clip to make it easy to attach to something.  

I really enjoyed this box and will miss it since I’m totally obsessed with cute stuff but I may come back to it later on.  


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