Hawaii Snack Box June 2015

I switched my old Tiki Box subscription for this Hawaii Snack Box because I was tired of only getting tiny samples of each item. This box has good sized snacks and a few samples. It’s $20/month and has snacks from the island. 

They include a insert with the products list, and another culture card. This one includes a recipe for spam musubi, which I actually already know how to make since that’s been a staple in our family for years and years!  


First look. 


The first snack is Hawai’i Island Gourmet/Atebara Chip Company Classic Taro Chips. I’ve never had taro chips before so I’m looking forward to trying this. 


From the same company, Li Hing Mui Cookies. Li Hing is a sweet and salty dried plum powder that I’ve never had in a cookie flavor. It sounds pretty good! 

Wasabi Seaweed, I usually only like wasabi with my sushi so I’m not sure how this will be but I do love these seaweed snacks so I’ll give it a try. 


Hawaii Pretz Pineapple. I’ve seen these, they’re a biscuit like stick that’s simply flavored. These are pineapple, which I love so these are going to make a good snack. 


Japanese Mochi in strawberry and mango flavors. I LOVE mochi, so I will very happily eat these! They are filled with a jelly fruit filling. 


Mauna Loa Honey Roasted Macadamia Nuts. I sampled these in the Tiki Box and they’re really good. The perfect amount of sweet and salty. 


This box was very impressive and I feel these snacks will last me much longer than the Tiki Box’s would.  



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