Scentbird June 2015

My first Scentbird envelope arrived in a small black bubble mailer.

Here are the inserts.


I had ordered an additional limited edition pink case holder for my perfume and it is a lovely metallic pink. It sadly was defective, I tried to insert my perfume and it got stuck. I had to completely break apart the case to get it back. So I am just keeping it in the black case since it works perfectly. I did contact customer service about this and they have mailed me out a replacement! The cases arrived in a special velvet drawstring bag.

It twists up and down like a lipstick tube, and you insert the spray and then it twists down to prevent it from being accidentally sprayed in my purse. It’s lightweight, and a cute way to take my months worth of perfume with me everywhere!


It is a generous .27oz sized spray perfume of your choice, or you can pick the perfume of the month that they feature; as shown in the inserts. I chose Dolce & Gabana The One and am in love with this scent! The spray vial it comes in, also twists off from the top so I can refill it, after cleaning it, with another rollerblading perfume and have it in spray form! Which I plan to do. =) the below photo is from


2 thoughts on “Scentbird June 2015

  1. My black case was defective. I contacted customer service via email (and attached a video demonstrating how the vial did not come out of the case) and they never replied.

    • I would try contacting them again. I ended up having an issue with the first pink case I got and they were prompt about responding and shipping a replacement out to me. I hope that it will help! =)

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