The Tiki Box June 2015

So far I have loved every single month with The Tiki Box. So let’s open this months, and check out the first look! 



Starting with a traditional Chinese Almond Cookie. These are good, they’re not too sweet. 

Mochi Balls, assorted flavored rice balls with seaweed, sesame seeds, squid, shrimp, and shiso with a peanut inside. Sounds interesting. 


Mini Nori Arare, these are also called Mini Nori Maki and are my favorite island snack! On my last family visit to Hawaii I bought a full sized bag of this and snacked on it all day! I love it, and wish there were more in the bag. 

Aloha Gourmet Soft & Sweet Papaya. This wasn’t very sweet at all in my opinion, I actually wasn’t too fond of this but I also am not into papaya normally. 


Wasabi Pistachio Crunch. This snack is pistachios baked inside of a lightly salted rice cracker with a nice taste of zesty wasabi. I don’t usually eat wasabi snacks so I tried and tossed this out.  

Aloha Gourmet Pineapple Chewy Peanut Cake. This had a chewy taffy like texture almost, with a slightly neutral/sweet pineapple taste. It was just okay.  

Mauna Loa Honey Roasted Macadamia Nuts. These are a necessity! I love these, it has the perfect sweet honey taste that goes perfect with the naturally sweet mac nut flavor. 

Diamond Bakery Lilikoi Creem Sandwich Crackers. Lilikoi cream is nestled between two crackers. 


Clear Ume Candy. Ume is plum, this is a sweeter ume andy version with a plum meat center. 


Aloha Gourmet Dark kona Coffee Candy. This is actually made with pure Kona Coffee so it’ll be the perfect pick me up when I could use some energy! 

This was a great box and I loved everything in it except the wasabi snack, and papaya! 



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