Kawaii Box May 2015

Kawaii Box has arrived for this month and they wrote spring on the back of the insert.   


First look. 

Starting with a bunch of glitter that actually leaked all over everything inside the box. I had to take everything out and clean it off, which was a pain since gliter loves to stick to everything lol.  

This snack is called Collon and I have to admit I almost thought it only had one “L” in there lol. I’m guessing it’s a green tea flavored/filled cookie  

This is a cute kitten keyring, I placed our spare house key on this so it’s easier to find! 


There was also an adorable sheep pencil case, unicorn pen, and notepad (I forget the bear’s name). 

Also a macaron jewelry box, paw squishy donut feeling keychain, and a lovely bow hair pin! 

Last, one of my favorite items, cute bunny stickers and faux pearl cell stickers. I love them! 


I loved everything in this box except the gliter, I hate loose glitter. It gets all over everything, sticks to it, and is such a pain to remove. So it was fun clearing everything of the spilled glitter but other than that everything is adorable and wil be put to use! 


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