Tiki Box May 2015

I am seriously loving these island snacks from The Tiki Box. This month’s first look had me swooning with excitement!


Everything looks amazing! Starting with Shelly Senbei. These are Japanese style rice crackers, and I’m curious to see how it tastes. It appears to be a sweet cracker. 


O Hawaii Island Lava Passion Fruit Brittle. “Delicious thin, tangy, light, & crunchy brittle w/a blend of pineapple, guava, mango, and papaya that’s mixed w/macadamia nuts.” The description is spot on, It’s more of a cookie teture (think shortbread cookie) with an amazingly fresh fruit flavor. 
Island Princess Lightly Salted Macadamia Nuts. I love macadamia nuts since they remind me of Hawaii and all my family out there.  

Island Princess Choco Mochi. These are chocolate covered Japanese rice crackers called Arare. I’ve never had them with chocolate over them but it was interesting. Not something I would purchase on my own, but it was neat trying it out.  The bag burst ad these were inside the box. the box was sealed so I gave one a try but hope this doesn’t happen again.

Li Hing Mui Drops. These have a generic sugar hard candy with an inner li hing seed. It’s basically a salted dried plum seed with li hing powder. I mentioned what li hing powder was in the last month’s Tiki Box unboxing post. I’ve had these before, they’re addicting and it was a nostalgic moment enjoying this!

Almond Crunch, almonds covered by rice/flour cracker shell. These sound tasty. 

Milk Chocolate-Dipped Macadamia Shortbread Cookies. I loved eating these cookies on my last Hawaii trip with my mom and was thrilled to get these in my box. The cookies have a light crisp to them and are melt-in-your-mouth good when paired with hot tea! 


The same cookie but in a dark chocolate version, which happens to be my favorite! 

Aloha Gourmet Coconut Candy. This is just a coconut flavored hard candy, this was just okay. 

This was definitely a great box, I loved all the snacks included and will enjoy all of them. I love that I have not yet wasted a snack in this box subscription. Also that the snacks are local favorites and old time favorites of mine. 😃 


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