Kawaii Box Unboxing March 2015

I signed up for Kawaii Box some time last month and I am not sure if this is March or April’s box because the insert doesn’t say. It simply says “Spring time to be kawaii”, and spring started in March…so hopefully that’s correct! It arrived early April, but takes about 2 weeks to ship. Kawaii means cute in Japanese culture. It’s $18.90/mo with free worldwide shipping.


First look, I was dying to look at every single item!  


I love stickers, so I nearly screamed with excitement when I saw these cute stickers!! The clear stickers on the left are able to go on cups, bottles, etc. 


Below are some cute paper bags, mini post its, and a roll of scrapbooking sticker/tape. 


I love this turqoise quilted card holder with a mini diamond quilted keychain. I’m going to use this to hold my ID and gym membership to keep it simple and light! 


I bunched these cuties together…a green bow shaped bobby pin, lollipop nail clippers with a plastic cover for the clipping end, adorable white character pin, and a green tea mochi keychain lanyard! I love the little mochi guy the most lol ironically my mother made some green tea mochi last night, filled with sweet red beans. It’s a Japanese snack made of sweetened rice and is always nostalgic for me to enjoy! 


I adore this “Angry” pen, it has a pouty face on the cap and because it has a cap I felt it’d be safe enough to put in my purse. The candy I’m not really excited about since I’ve been cutting back on unhealthy foods. It’s also why I suspended my Universal Yums box.  I’m cutting back on carbs, fat, and sugar in addition to working out Monday through Friday at the gym. So I’ll probably give the candy to someone else. 


I adored this box so much and am positive I picked a winner with this subscription. I wish the shipping was quicker and trackable, plus the box needed a signature for delivery. Luckily I was home but that worries me if I am unavailable to sign for it. All the cute items do make up for that but hopefully it won’t cause any problems in the future. I think the only item I won’t use is the bobby pin, it pinches hair uncomfortably and gets stuck, pulling hairs out with it. I hope you enjoyed this post!



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