Tracking a Shipment

Here is the last simple tutorial I wanted to share that I uploaded for ebay and my Influenster mission! 😃 For those that buy lots of online packages like myself I hope this is helpful, although most of you ladies probably know how to do this!

If you are like me, you do most of your shopping online. It’s just too convenient to ever stop shopping online, especially being an Amazon Prime member. 

There are also USPS, UPS, and FEDex apps for both Apple and Android devices. I myself have these apps downloaded on my android phone. I also used the Apple apps before I switched to Android. They pretty much work the same way on both devices.  

Upon shipment you will usually receive an email notification with a tracking number. It will also specify which carrier to track your order through. You can usually tell which carrier by looking at the number. USPS is usually 22 digits long, UPS will have a letter as part of the tracking, and FEDex is a shorter number sequence. For me, the apps are much easier to keep track of all my shipped orders. Mostly because I can save my tracking numbers within the app and check it whenever I want to know where my package is. With each app it’s usually a (+) plus symbol to add a new tracking number. You are then able to nickname your order to keep things organized. From there just sit back and watch it’s status updates automatically refreshed for you, and all orders via one carrier in a single app at your fingertips!


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