Eco Emi February 2015

The February Eco Emi theme is It’s All About Love. 

First look.

Starting with Energy or Detox Travel Pack by Bioterra Herbs, $4.99. I didn’t really notice a difference when I took these.

Full Size Cocoa Mint Lip Balm by Whiskey Ink & Lace. The store name is cute, and the lip balm smells great. It is a bit thin in consistency, and has to be reapplied often. I’ll enjoy this while watching Netflix to keep my lips soft! $5.

Anti Aging Eye Serum by Love For Humanity, $50/.5oz. I haven’t tried this yet, the sample is very small I’m not sure if i’ll even see results that quickly. 

Shampoo by Beauty Without Cruelty, $10.95/16oz. This has lavender so I can not use it.

Conditioner by Beauty Without Cruelty, $10.95/16oz. This also has lavender in it.

Full Size Organic Lipstick by Colorganics, $17.25 was the original item that is listed on the card and what Eco Emi thought they were going to include in the box. What was actually in the box? Two tinted lip balms from Colorganics. I was sent Berry for both of mine. $6.95/ea, Retail value total $13.90.

Superfruit Beverage by Sant, $12/3.5oz. I haven’t tried this yet but might try some mixed with my tea.

Superfruit Fudge Spread by Love Bean, $10/10 pack. This seems like a healthier Nutella, I might try it on toast or fruit.

“Yummies” Candy Coated Chocolate Drops by Sweet Riot, $23.99/12 pack. These were like gourmet M&M’S, I loved snacking on them while watching Netflix shows!

This was a great box, and they seem to keep getting better each time! 


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