Universal Yums Italy February 2015

It’s already time for February’s Universal Yums box where we’re transported to Italy! First look.




Starting with a well known snack Bruschetta, is this Rosemary & Olive Oil Bruschettini. They have the distinct rosemary flavor, which I’m completely addicted to so I enjoy snacking on a few. Serving suggestions are with tomatoes, olive oil, and salt, and pepper. These have a light taste, are the perfect bite size, and would also be great with a dip.


Pernigotti Classica, this is a velvety rich creamy chocolate and I ate the two after opening the box!


Bye Frutta Bon Bons. Hard miniature fruit candies, they’re the perfect size for a quick candy fix!


Cioccolati Biscotti. This was your basic biscotti but I did enjoy it with some hot tea!


Salted Caramel Biscotti, this had a nice taste and twist to a traditional biscotti. I enjoyed the the sweet and savory combination of the twice-baked bread.


Perugna Baci, a hazelnut covered chocolate with a unique multi-lingual love note inside the wrapper of each one!


Di Nonna Lemon Pizzelle, these are good with tea. They have a very light crumbly crisp to them, and subtle sweet lemon flavor melts in your mouth with hot tea!


Bye Bye COffee N’ Cream Bon Bons, these taste like a mini cup of espresso. I love them!


G. Cova & C. Tart, this is described as a classier version of a pop-tart which isn’t too far off. It does taste (and look) like a small slice of a tart was freshly cut and placed in the package. It was perfectly chewy and sweet.


Pernigotti Nocciogioie, each piece contains two whole roasted hazelnuts and hazelnut cream. These were very enjoyable and just as described.


Lazzaroni Amaretti Di Saronno, I loved these crispy spicy cookies. They’re bite sized and have two against each other in a wrapper. There’s a tradition, after you eat the cookie, to take the wrapper and turn it into a hollow cylinder. Then place it on a small plate up-right, make a wish, and light the wrapper. If it floats to the ceiling, your wish will come true.


Ferrero Raffaello, this is the coconut version of the traditional truffles. This was delicious with the white chocolate mix.


Balocco Cream Cacao Wafers, the wafers were light and airy and very easy to eat. I imagine they’d pair very well with coffee!


This was a great box and these snacks will go quickly. Next month we go to China and I can’t waIt to open the next box with you! 😃 Thank you for reading, as always!



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