Prize Cuff Bangle Arrival from NicNakPattyWack

NicNakPattyWack held a fan giveaway on facebook and I happened to win a lovely cuff/bangle that was handmade and hand stamped by the owner! I did have to pay shipping which was a little odd since I “won a prize” but my husband was kind and took care of it for me. 🙂  It arrived in a pretty gift box.


The cuff itself is made of raw bronze meaning it’s not treated, which is fine by me. It’s stamped with Coldplay lyrics “look at the stars look how they shine for you” and it has stamped stars on the ends!


To give you a better idea of the size of the cuff I zoomed out so you can see it on my tiny wrist. It bends very easily and is comfortable.


She doesn’t have any bracelets listed in her shop but has necklaces and does not charge extra if you want a longer chain! I plan to go back later and get the Anchor bronze necklace in 32″. Picture below is from her online etsy store. Thank you for viewing!



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