Incoco Mesmerize Mani and Pedi.

As promised I am posting my first Incoco Mano and pedi using Mesmerize, a lovely metallic duo-chrome with a deep purple and mystical green. My husband said it reminds him of a Mustangs paint but way better lol.


Application was super easy and I ended up having only 2 wraps leftover that I tossed since they need to be used as soon as they are opened. You can see the color shift better in the photo below of my mani.


It’s pretty gorgeous! I’m interested to see how long this mani lasts. In case you hadn’t noticed my nails are aux naturale for the moment. I really enjoy having my natural nails so I can enjoy my phone and typing easier with this length.

If you’ve tried these wraps out I’d love to hear how you like them!



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