Eco Emi Custom Box

I tried out Eco Emi’s custom box where I get to pick 20 items from their vast selection of sample and full sized products. The box is $35 and the total value is $188.31!!

I picked out these 5 full sized organic lipsticks by Medusa’s Makeup because I loved Skid Row so much! They’re regularly $12/each, valuing $60 total in lipsticks.


Next I had to pick out some nail polish! These are metallic lacquers and a glitter. Emerald Sky is a blue green duo-chrome, Cosmic and Khloe are metallics, and I Heart You is a lovely glitter with heart glitters! These are $14/each. I also got a Flower Headband by Graceful by Anna ($9) to wear over beanies. The total value of this set of products is $65.



I love these Amazing Meal Vanilla Chai Infusions mixed with vanilla almond milk! They’re $2.99/each, and of course I got some chocolate! Organic Milk Chocolate Bar by Sjaak $1.99/each. The value on these are $12.95.


I also recently reviewed how the “Cucumber Melon” Shea Body Butter by Muchie’s Skin works on my wintery dry skin, so I got two more $8.44/each. I’ve also tried the Tropical Flavored Cookie by Caveman Cookies $.74/each, they’re raw and taste so tropical indeed! Lastly I have been using up this Raw Finishing Powder by Gourmet Body Treats $32, which I had also received a full size in a previous Eco Emi box. It actually works better on my skin as a translucent powder than my Bare Mineral Face Powders. It doesn’t dry my skin once applied and looks very natural, plus it doesn’t irritate my skin!


For a total value of $188.31 this was definitely worth it.



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