Eco Emi Giving Thanks November 2014 and Update

I’m always looking forward to all of my box subscriptions, but Eco Emi is special because their products sent are usually organic and all natural. Meaning I can try them all while being comforted that they’re safe for my skin, and pretty much always all the items are cruelty free which I love supporting! The only downside is there are sometimes lavender products which I can’t use.

As promised, a quick update! 🙂 Some of the box reviews are going to be a bit behind, like this one, since I post two days a week. We are also finishing with the air force in January so I started putting some of my box subs on hold for a few months until we get things situated. I haven’t decided if I will just post nail looks twice a week until then but I will keep you posted as always!

On to the unboxing! First looks.



African Black Soap by Coastal Scents, $12.95/16oz. I’ve tried their eyeshadows through Ipsy but wasn’t aware they make soaps. This has a slight clay smell but is interesting. It takes a few seconds longer than store brand soaps to lather but once it does, it has a nice lather. It’s supposed to help with acne and other skin issues, so I’ll see how this helps my skin out!


Tea Light Candles ny the Veda Company, 15 candles/$30. I received Saphire and Amethyst and I smelled lavender so I’m saving this for a stocking stuffer gift.



Organic Trailbar by Skout, 12 bars/$26.95. I tend to dislike these types of bars so I am not sure if I will keep or toss this.


Shea Body Butter by Muchie’s Skin, $38/9oz. Upon reading all the natural and safe for sensitive skin ingredients, I had a feeling this was safe for my face. The cold snowy winter weather is already wreaking havoc on my skin and I’ve been on this for a few days. I reapply it a few times throughout the day (that’s how dry my skin gets!), and I haven’t had any dryness or irritation! It’s going to be my winter skin miracle. It also has a lovely cucumber melon scent which is highly addicting! From now on this will be my winter go to and I highly recommend it! Retail $8.44/2oz.

Sicilian Light Serum by Skin & Co. Roma $47/1oz. This brightens, softens, and tightens skin. I received the same size sample in either my Ipsy or Birchbox, I can’t remember which.


To lighten my sun spots I’ve been using Murad’s Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum ($60) paired with their Hydrating Toner ($26). I noticed my hyper-pigmentation lightening within the first week which is very impressive. The Serum did irritate and dry my skin when I used it without the toner. However, after getting a facial with Murad products they suggested the toner addition to help blend and use less of the serum to help make it last while still getting results.

It can be pricey but the serum will last a long time if you do it this way. I use one spray of toner onto my fingers, half a pump of serum, rub together and apply to face. I currently follow with the Muchie’s Skin shea butter and I no longer get skin irritation or dryness! Hopefully this will help someone lol.

Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum by Lashem, $70/full size. I actually found this under my Amazon Prime membership for $34.50 so I snagged it. I’ve been using it for a few days paired with my Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques $9 lash conditioner (using for over a year) and have noticed my lashes getting stronger, and darker. It restores, thickens, and enriches lashes and brows, distributing vitamins and nutrients throughout the hair follicles. It’s claimed to fully revitalize and boost lashes up to 6 weeks. I apply this twice a day, morning and evening to the top and bottom lash line. This has a liquid liner brush applicator that applies to the lash line.

The Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques lash conditioner applies directly onto lashes with a mascara wand and is oil based. I apply this twice a day, morning and evening to the top and bottom lashes. It is small but this lasts me a year. So with a total of $43.50/year for stronger, darker, and healthier lashes I feel it’s worth it.


Veggie-Go’s by Naked Edge Snacks, $27.79/20 pack. This looks like those healthy fruit chews and is flavored like Sweet Potatoes.


Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa by Cisse Trading Co, $26/10 pack. You mix this with 3/4 hot milk, and has actual dark chocolate chips with cinnamon hot cocoa. This was much to sweet for my taste and I was only able to drink/force half of it before dumping it out.


Full Size Lipstick by Medussas Makeup, $12 in Skid Row. The tube has a gorgeous rose on the top of the lid, and I just love the packaging and name! The formula is creamy, and feels more like a lip balm when on than a lipstick. It’s a soft vegan lipstick, that’s nourishing and looks great with one or two layers! It’s such a vibrant shade without being too crazy bright and my husband loves it!

On the website they offer the whole collection of 8 for $59 which is very tempting.


This was a spectacular box that has already been saving my skin! My favorite items are the shea butter and lipstick, and least favorite are the hot cocoa and food items.



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