Holiday Nail Vinyl Decals by Lacquer by Lissa

Lacquer by Lissa sent me a blogger pack of vinyl nail decals to try out for review on my blog. All thoughts/opinions are honest and my own :).

She has great customer service and quick shipping! I can’t wait to create fun holiday manis with her lovely vinyls! Whenever I receive or order nail decals I’ve got to organize them, so I tape the backs together. I then place them in the sheet of my photo album organizer! I like the translucent sheets so I can see all my options before a mani.



Below are all the decals that I was sent for review. I’ve linked and listed the decal names starting from top to bottom, including color, so you can find them easily! Most of her decals are either $4 or $5.

Cupcake – $4 shown in pink.
Eiffel Tower – $4 shown in black.
Elephant – $4 shown in grey.
Christmas Sweater Pattern – $5 shown in black.
Ornaments – $4 shown in gold, silver, and dark blue.
Holiday Mix 1 – $5 shown in red.
Grinch – $5 shown in green.
Holiday Trees -$4 shown in dark green.
Snowflakes – $5 shown in pink, and white.

I love that her decals come with a instructional postcard. I’ve purchased decals from her before, the cupcakes to be exact, and love them! Shown below in pink and mint.


Last Christmas I cut out a pair of cupcakes last year along with custom holiday lacquers, and handmade tags to family & friends. They really loved the extra thought in the gifts!


Her decals are easy to remove with your nail or tweezers. My preference is tweezers for better control. I’ve dealt with some vinyls that would rip the paper off instead of removing the decal, which can be frustrating. I had no such problem here and even with the thin snowflake detailed vinyl removal was a breeze!

I added some ornaments and a snowflake to an existing mani I had on, the day these beauties arrived, because I just couldn’t wait! The gold and silver colors really perfect the holiday ornaments theme, don’t you think?


I also created a metallic mani using a deep emerald shade, with deep blue on the accent nail. The snowflakes created a gorgeous, not to mention easy, mani that looks like I went to a professional! Just you and I know that it was done in the comfort of my home, and very affordably so! šŸ˜‰


I just have to say I love the Grinch decals and the many options she has in her shop! I plan to save the Grinch ones till closer to Christmas, so keep an eye out for that post! I find it hard to restrain from buying during my “no buy” because I want all of her decals! I will be posting more manis using her holiday decals because I plan on wearing holiday manis up until at least January!! šŸ˜ƒ After all it is my favorite holiday! I’d love to hear if any of you have tried her decals and how you like them!





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