Sunny’s Body Product Pumpkin Fall Box

I have never ordered from Sunny’s Body Products before but have seen her items from other bloggers and nail artists. When I saw a pumpkin fall box featuring a ton of varied pumpkin scents, I had to have it! Every fall and winter I get really addicted to pumpkin fragrances and more adamant about skin and nail care.

I love all the adorable labels, and the container sizes are perfect for travel or to keep on my nightstand..which is where they are right now!


I wanted to start off with the product I was dying to try upon opening the box! Sunny’s Lip Saver in Pumpkin Pecan. Yes, it truly smells as titled. It takes me to a dreamy place. 😃 It’s very creamy and stays on my lips a long time.


Sunny’s Intensive Cuticle Therapy in Caramel Apple. These scents are just too addicting for their own good! One drop is good for one hand’s cuticles and this smells just like caramel apples, I don’t know how she gets her fragrances so spot on with the name but I love it. Once dropped onto cuticles and layered with the hand cream you get a wonderful mixture of pumpkin caramel and pumpkin apple butter combined. I seriously can’t stop smelling my hands!


Sunny’s Cuticle Oil in Autumn Harvest. What can I say, I have nothing negative to say. I didn’t think I would like the roller ball bottle for cuticle oil but it’s rather easy to apply. It does need a bit of pressure when rolling it on to release the oil but the scent is worth it.


Sunny’s Hand Sugar Scrub in Autumn Mums. This is a solid block that comes with a spoon, if you poke your nail into it it feels soft though. This is probably the fragrance that I’m the least fond of but still enjoy. It smells like fall spices to me, and I have a feeling it will grow on me! The oils in it that remain on my hands after rinsing it off leaves my hands very moisturized without feeling greasy.


Sunny’s Hand Cream in Pumpkin Apple Butter. The whipped top makes this butter look softer than it is, it’s actually almost solid but the second it touched my fingertips it melted. After rubbing it into my hands it absorbed within minutes and left my hands feeling softer than it has all fall, even after washing my hands!


Sunny’s Miracle Balm in Pumpkin Crunch Cake. I’m not sure where to use this, I was thinking elbows and feet? It’s very emollient and will probably work wonders on my elbows for the winter’s dry weather.


I was very excited for this to finally arrive. It’s my spa getaway for my hands!



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