Black Sheep Lacquer October Box 2014

I recently unsubscribed from Glitter Guilty, by no fault of their lacquers (which I love!), but rather that I have too many glitters in my collection and wanted to grow my small holo and thermal lacquers. It was packaged in bubble envelopes inside this cute pink paper bag.


Black Sheep Lacquer’s subscription is $20/month and includes 2 full sizes and 1 mini.



I had requested her Enter Sandman thermal top coat to be included in my box, so she included it as a mini. It changes from black (cold) to clear (warm).


Hitman is a stunning black holo with holo glitters.


Smells Like Teen Spirit is a lovely turquoise shimmer with holo glitters, almost passing it off as a holo lacquer. It went in my holo section of my helmer! 😉


I truly love all three lacquers that were included and can’t wait to start playing with these! I also appreciate being able to be in contact with Erin by email about my likes/dislikes and requests.



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