Pinot’s Palette Wine and Painting

My girl friend suggested that she and I take a class over at Pinot’s Palette in Omaha, and I loved the idea! We picked the evening that they would be painting poppies with a vibrant red sunset. This is the original photo from their website that we would use as a reference.


Upon arrival they have your name written where your assigned seat is. We had requested to sit next to each other which worked out perfectly!



We had quite a bit of wine at my house a few hours before the class so we were ready to paint! The class allows you to bring your own snacks, which we did. Including cheese, and other treats to munch on for the 2 hours that we’d be painting. The result was a fun painting that was unique to each painter. Here was my finished painting! 😃 I plan to add a few more colors and shades in on my own time at home.


My friends painting was also beautiful!


The class was a lot of fun and I’ll always keep the painting and treasure painting it the day after my birthday!



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