Ball Photos

My husband and I recently attended our first Air Force Ball and had a lot of fun preparing and later enjoying the event! I did my own mani, one girl friends mani, and another’s nail accents to her professional mani/pedi. Starting with the friend’s mani..

Sadly my friends professional mani and pedi didn’t even include a top coat on her nails! She had brought in my nail polishes I lent her to match her dress, and when she came over after getting it all done I proceeded to improve her half finished mani. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t put a top coat on her polish but that would be very upsetting for me! Top coat seals and makes the color shine! Anyway, here’s her finished mani and pedi.



Last of the manis and pedis is my set.


It was meant to match my dress, pictured below, and the accent nail of gems is the gem thingy that goes around one shoulder.


Makeup and hair for the night.



We had a lot of fun getting all dressed up, and it was a very memorable event! I only remembered to take a photo of the last piece of dessert I hadn’t eaten lol but I hope you enjoyed all the photos! 😃



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