Hammock Pack Georgia August 2014

Hammock Pack’s August getaway takes us to Georgia. Starting with Malvi Marshmallow Confections, 4 pack of Vanilla Salted Caramel Marshmallow Sandwiches! Made in Atlanta, GA. “These little cuties are sweet, flavorful, and made by hand in small batches. Carefully crafted in her Atlanta kitchen, owner Laura Curtis, focuses on the flavor profiles of each Malvi sandwich. The hibiscus and vanilla salted caramel flavors are a favorite.” Hibiscus would have been a unique one to try! Retail value $3.


Rev Coffee Roasters, Tana Toraja. Made in Smyrna, GA. I am not really a coffee drinker, so I’m not sure what to do with these coffee beans. I’ll have to gift these to someone. The flavor of chocolate, almonds and cherries in a coffee sounds worth trying though! I couldn’t find this particular flavor on their website, so maybe it’s a seasonal or exclusive to Hammock Pack type flavor? “This lovely coffee shop, located outside Atlanta, is brewing up some tasty beans. The Tana Toraja blend, from an island in Indonesia, tastes like chocolate covered almonds and cherries.” Full size bags run between $12-14, so I’ll put the retail value at half – $6.


Salacia Salts, Kiss My Grits Lip Scrub made in Savannah, GA. This stuff is edible according to the box, and it has a savory, sweet flavor to it and you can definitely taste the grits which I’ve never had in a lip scrub before. Normally I’m not fond of lip scrubs but this one is great tasting, didn’t irritate my lips, and has a coconut oil base which is very moisturizing. You all know how much I love coconut oil! 😉 “Using distinct southern scents, this high-quality bath and beauty line has captured the rejuvenating power of salt. Made with Atlantic sea salt and Georgia stone ground grits, this lip scrub not only tastes amazing, but also does wonders for dry, chapped lips.” Retail value $12.


Byrd’s Famous Cookies, Bite-size cookies made in Savannah, GA. These are adorably convenient and will be great with some hot tea. “This family-owned cookie business has decades of experience baking in Savannah. Their bite-size treats are packed with southern flavors such as cheddar biscuit, red velvet, and Georgia peach.” Retail value $15.95.


This was really fun box, it almost seemed lacking when I first glanced and only saw four products but as it turns out, I’m rather enjoying everything! $36.95 was the total value of this box. I’m most excited about the marshmallows, and lip scrub!


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