Eco Emi August 2014

Eco Emi, for August, is inspired by summer outdoor memories and being outdoors to prevent the risk of Vitamin D deficiency, which I ironically have! Here’s the first look upon opening the box!


Starting with an Herbal Foot Powder by Raw Skin Ceuticals. $6/6oz. “Your feet take you everywhere, so take care of them with this vegan made powder. It provides maxiumum itch relief while absorbing excess moisture. Use after a shower, bath, or excersizing to help cool and soothe irritated skin”.


Oil-Free Face Cleanser Wipe by La Fresh. $5.99/10 wipes. “Say good bye to dirt, and say hello to freshness, clean and glowing skin. This skin-loving, fresh water-conserving product is free os parabens, artificial fragrances, and animal byproducts.”


Instant Body Soother Wipe by La Fresh. $5.99/10 wipes. This sounds like a minty fresh wipe. “This is an instant pick-me-up to soothe and smooth your skin. Have over-worked and over-heated skin? Well say hello to cool and refreshing moisturizer with a silky glow.”


Melody Odor Neutralizer & Fragrance Spray by Rockin’ Green. $4.95/11.2oz. This has a nice, light scent and does a really great job at absorbing and getting rid of odors! “Unlike other odor neutralizers, this doesn’t just mask unwanted odor, it actually removes them! It is a clear, non-staining liquid, and it is made to be safe around pets and kids. What will you use your spray on?” I found it on Amazon here but couldn’t find their website.


I love seaweed snacks, so the included Sesame Flavored Seaweed Sheets by gimMe Organics. $21.49/12 pack. I’ve never tried sesame flavored ones, and these are made with red algae which is different. “These savory sheets come in a variety of flavors made with 100% organic seaweed roasted to a crispy perfection. Try with a dip to make as a fun snack for any occasion.”


Full Sized Raw Finishing Powder by Gourmet Body Treats. $32/.25oz. This is a huge value for this box and I actually like how translucent and natural it feels/looks. “Made from raw ingredients, this finishing powder is ideal for all skin tones. It melts into your skin, making it the perfect last step to your makeup application providing a flawless finish. It gently absorbs oil and minimizes the appearance of lines without buildup.”


Cherry Vanilla Dream Roasted Almonds by Olomomo. $20/4oz. This is cute snack size to pack in my purse on the go. “This delicious nut combo has fruit-flavored sweetness with satisfying crunch. Try it with coffee or just a snack on the go. You will have a hard time not loving these.”


Recycled Pencil by Tree Smart. $8/24 pack. I never use pencils so I’m not sure what to do with this, maybe I can give it to my friends younger sister. “It’s back to school time, which means a hefty impact on the environment. This year, reduce our carbon foot print with these recycled pencils. Made from recycled newspapers, these pencils are perfect for school or the office.”


Top Fold Sandwich Bag by BioBag. $17.99/120 bags. These bags are cute and thin. “These bags are a great alternative to regular plastic bags, and are completely biodegradable. They have a high water vapor transmission rate which helps keep foods fresher longer.”


Overall this was a really great box, and I am in love with the Raw Finishing Powder!


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