Sons of Anarchy Vinyl Nail Decals From Lacquer by Lissa

Lacquer by Lissa is a Etsy shop I just discovered that also just happened to newly release these Sons of Anarchy vinyl nail decals!


They are $5 each, available here, with $1 shipping and each additional item’s ship cost is .20 more. Absolutely affordable right?? They’re also available in a variety of colors. I decided on black and silver because those looked pretty bad @**. I don’t like to curse but this show is amazing and it’s hard not to with how pumped up it gets me and my husband!

Here are a few mani’s I created with these decals! The first mani with red is and last mani with the glitter french are my nails, and the second mani is a girl friends nails I did! 🙂 I hope you like them!






I leave you with these awesome decals. 🙂



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