Fun in the Sun!

Today’s post is a little different. I am excited to do something out of the ordinary and go outside tanning with a new girl friend I made recently! We decided to have some fun in the sun and drink a little wine while sun-bathing along with some snacks!

My husband picked a Cabernet Sauvignon for us, my favorite type, pairing it with Parmesan and Smoked Gouda! He’s really a keeper! I sliced them the evening before so we can enjoy them as soon as we’re ready to tan!



I also packed us some Tiny Twists cheddar pretzels to snack on!


Call me silly but I’ve been dying to use my brand new wine travel kit that I’ve had for two years now! I’ve been just waiting for the opportunity! Also we are being safe, drinking and tanning in her backyard and my hubby will be picking me up when were done so that no one drives after drinking! It has a bottle opener, stopper, two plastic wine glasses, and napkins! 😃 I won it a while back and am glad to put it to use!



I plan on using the Hang Ten tanning oil, by Coola, that I received in one of my recent Ipsy bags! I’m hoping to be a little tan for the Air Force ball that’s coming up in a few weeks!


Today was a lot of fun and getting to hang out with a friend I hope to get to know better! We enjoyed our girl time very much. 🙂



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