Perfectly Posh Samples Review!

I was excited to have discovered this new line called Perfectly Posh through Laura Smith, and Independent Consultant. It is a product line that is sulfate and paraben free, made with quality ingredients like mango butter, and apricot oil! She was very kind and sent me out some samples to introduce me to the line! For her website link click here, and for her Facebook page click here!



I was sent 5 samples:
1-(Mini Facial) Delish Daily Facewash. Full size $20/4oz.
2-Daily Grind Coffee Scrub. $24/9oz.
3-The Detox Body Mud Stripper (Mud Mask). Full size $24/8oz.
4-Moisturize 911 Caffeinated Face Cream. Full size $16/4oz.
5-Sassyooma Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream. Full size $9/3oz.


I love that she sent instructional cards with numbered steps, because I was a bit confused with figuring out some of the samples!


The Delish Foaming Face Wash had a very delicious scent to it with the berry and other fruit extracts! It did feel gentle, and had a nice lather to it.


The Daily Grind Coffee Scrub…YUM! I love the smell of coffee, have been since I was little! The scrub doesn’t seem to harsh or rough, and I did try it on my face while scrubbing gently and only for a little bit. It exfoliated well, and I used the remaining sample on my hands followed by the Moisturize 911 moisturizer to test that I don’t get an allergic reaction first. It has a very light scent that doesn’t irritate or overpower the lotion itself.


The Stripper detox deep clean mud mask has a tingling sensation within the first minutes of application, then it goes away and begins to tighten the skin. I kept it on for the full 15 minutes.


Moisturize 911 face moisturizer is a lightweight formula with caffeine to brighten and tighten skin. It has a silky feel to it, and dries quickly without leaving a greasy feeling or leaving skin too dry.


Sassyooma Hand Cream is true to it’s claim of being non-greasy, creamy, and nourishing! It truly is/does all of the above. It dries quickly, and feels like there is a pillowy, satin-like layer on your hands that feels wonderful! I think this was my favorite product sample of them all, I love the fruity scent from the coconut and apricot oils!


I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome after trying everything! My hands and face are buttery soft and smooth, and it feels great!



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