Liquid Sky Lacquer Prize Arrival!

I have never owned any of the Liquid Sky Lacquer polishes but have been wanting to try it. I hear the indie brand name a lot on Facebook but am very excited about having my very own! She wrapped each bottle in a organza bag.



I was given a $25 credit, and was given a $5 additional difference if needed. She allowed me to pick a third polish and pay the difference to get a holo top coat for $4! I picked Blue Hawaiian and Are You A Good Witch? First photo below is with flash, second without. She is a very kind, generous and gifted indie maker!



Blue Hawaiian is a holo thermal when warm it’s a key lime green, and when cold a gorgeous emerald green. It naturally creates a gorgeous ombre mani and the thermal is very sensitive to hot and cold which makes the ombre stand out! Price is $12.



Are You A Good Witch? is a thermal holo also, when warm it is a fucshia pink, and when cold it’s a dark purple. The holo effect is a little more prominent in this polish. This is $12.




I also got her stunning holo top coat which costs $9. I have yet to try the holo top coat but the swatches on her website showed 1 and 2 coats of this and the 1 coat sparkled like crazy!


This was up there with my Nail Nation prize and feels like an early birthday gift!



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