Hammock Pack Brooklyn July 2014 Box

Hammock Pack’s July theme is taking us to Brooklyn, NY. It turns out that Hammock Pack’s home is in Brooklyn, which I wasn’t aware of!



First look.


Starting with Edible Brooklyn, Summer Issue. I felt like this was a waste, and is a travel type book that I doubt I will ever need. It’s 1 year/$16, so $4 for this issue. Description: “There is never a lack of great food in Brooklyn and Edible Brooklyn highlights the vast food culture this borough has to offer. Read about rooftop gardening, local distilleries, or a neighborhood pie shop using creative flavor combinations. You can’t help but be hungry after each issue which is printed quarterly and can also be found online.”


The Hartland Brooklyn, Treat Pack Tattoos are adorable with summer inspired ice cream designs! Description: “Emily, owner and designer, recently launched a line of adorable tattoos. Fun and whimsical, these temporary tattoos are a perfect summer treat.” These are $5.


Whimsy & Spice Honey Lavender Shortbread cookies. I was disappointed to receive a lavender item in my box, when just last month they informed me they would keep a note for my subscription of it. I can’t eat these though, so I’m not sure who I’ll give them to. Description: “This husband & wife team sell their light and flavorful shortbreads at local Brooklyn markets along with many of their other sweets.” These are $8.50/dozen cookies.


SoapWalla Soap Bar in Citrus & Mint. This is perfect because my current organic soap bar is almost done! Description: “Born out of a small NYC apartment, Soapwalla has created our favorite sensitive skin essential that is not only vegan but free of harsh chemicals.” This soap bar is $10.


This Baggu, Small 3D Zip Bag is adorable and nice sized to fit longer items and has a soft material that won’t snag onto anything. Description: “This cute polka dot bag is your new summer travel must have. Simple yet durable, this little tote holds everything from toiletries to snacks.” Price is $8.


The total retail value of this box was $35.50. I enjoyed the soap, 3D Zip Bag, and tattoos very much!



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