Nail Nation and SoGuessWhat11 Prize Arrival

NailNation and SoGuessWhat11 are the sponsors of my prize, and I won a stamping plates bundle from SoGuessWhat11 and NailNation threw in a polish for me! I have been wishing and hoping for a NailNation polish for so long, because the holo in the photos look incredibly sparkly!! Here is a link to NailNations store. I received Scooterific a gorgeous reddish pink holo that is in my favorite color and I couldn’t be happier! I’m in dream land right now!


She packed everything with care including bubble envelopes inside the bubble mailer! I love her address sticker too, it reminds me that I actually have a NailNation polish and can you tell I’m awe-struck??



These photos below are from NailNation’s website and show the true beauty I tried to capture in my photos!



Here it is for my first NailNation mani! I love it, it’s got an incredible holographic sparkle like no other.


These are all the photos of the stamping plates including a huge solid sheet of long french tip design stamps that are long enough for my nails!!





The polish is my treasured polish that I will always look at like gold! I love that it comes with a nail swatch so I can see how it will look on too!





This is truly an amazing prize and I can’t believe how many nail stamping plates I own now because of this! Thank you NailNation and SoGuessWhat11!!


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