Eco Emi July 2014 Summer Box

Eco Emi’s July box is a summer themed one while the heat is still hot as ever! They shipped it in an eco friendly thinner box, that looked like it was ready to open through shipment but it held up.




The insert.



First look.


Essential Oil Bath Salts by Oils4EvrE1, $6/lb. There is lavender on the front photo label, and it smells like it has a hint of it so I’m afraid I can’t try this out. Description: “Need to reduce some stress in your life? Well, these bath salts can help do just that! Each scent contains different ll natural properties to help with specific ailments. Not to mention they smell divine! Just mix the salts with warm water next time you are in the tub.”


Bug-a-Boo by Wellinhand, $11.99/2oz. I wore this when I went to the local air show on base and I didn’t see bugs but I also did not get bit. I mixed in a small amount with my sunscreen to make application easier. Description: ” Enjoy the great outdoors without the threat of mosquitos, gnats, or other critters. Unlike conventional bug sprays made with toxic chemicals, this insect repellant is a safe and natural alternative for children and adults. Shake well before each use, and spritz away on any surface that you want to keep bug-free.”



After Sun Cooling Lotion by BeeUtifullyOrganic, $9/4oz. I still managed to get burned with sunscreen from being at the air show all day so I’ve been using this. It doesn’t have any “cooling” effect oddly, but it is soothing and absorbs into skin. It’s been very moisturizing on my burned nose! Description: “This Whipped Lotion is heaven in a jar after being in the sun all day or just a few hours! The whipped coconut oil helps cool and alleviate sun burned skin without the oily mess. Refrigeration is recommended to eliminate the chance of leakage.”



Tropical Cookies by Caveman Cookies, $5.95/box of 8. This has the nice fruity tropical flavors mixed with a chewy texture. Description: “The perfect combination of tropical flavors, this makes a sweet and nutty treat that everyone can enjoy! Made with organic ingredients, these cookies are gluten and dairy free!”


Diva Stick Eyeliner by All Natural Face, $4.88/1 stick. This has a nice creamy consistency, and is a perfect black chubby stick for lining and smudging a smokey eye. Description: “Great for on the go, these diva sticks are a two in one liner and eye shadow. Works on the most sensitive of skin without all the added chemicals. Visit their shop for other colors!”



Aquatowel by The Aquatowel Company, $2.50/5 towels. These seem perfect for a long day out. Description: “Keep this product in your purse, briefcase, lunchbox or backpack. This multi-purpose towel can be used to remove makeup, clean your hands, or even as a make-shift shower while camping! Other suggestions; try heating up an Aquatowel for 3 seconds in the microwave for a nice warm towel, or stick them in the fridge and enjoy the cool relief on a hot summer day!”


Guatemalan Cold Brew Coffee by Cool Bean Perks, $2.25/1oz. I like that I can brew this cold, since I use our coffee maker solely to make hot water for tea. Description: “Cool down with this cold brew coffee! These beans are organically grown in San Juan Utapa that bring a sweet and savory taste. They are shade grown which creates low acidity, medium body, and a smooth, clean and distinct finish. Use coupon code, ECOEMICOLDBREW to get 10% off your next purchase at Cool Bean Perks!”


This was a very handy box that arrived with plenty of sun, and after sun products that I needed right on time! Here are the extra inserts.



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