My Cotton Bunny July 2014 The Seaside Bundle

I love the beach and anything that reminds me of it, and am happy about My Cotton Bunny’s theme The Seaside Bundle!



First look.


I was really excited about their sneak peek photos of the Handmade Pendant Necklace gift that subscribers would receive. The different pendants included Genuine Rose Quartz, Amethyst or Jade. I asked them for Jade and received that. I wish the Rose Quartz was more rose-colored rather than creamy white, which is still pretty. I chose the jade to match a jade bangle I was gifted by my late-grandmother.


I personalized it a bit, placing it on a white gold chain with a starfish charm I had to give it a beach feel and am happy with the results. Description: “This Pendant Necklace is a gorgeous statement piece, which can be worn by itself or as a nice addition when layering necklaces.”


There are 4 treats in this box starting with Sour Berry Bears by Surf Sweets. They sound delicious. Description: “These All-Natural, Gluten-Free and Organic sweets are a different take on traditional Gummy Bears.”


Salted Chocolate Crunch Chocopod Mini Bar by Chuao Choclatier. I have purchased the mini sampler set of these and they are all amazing chocolate pieces with unique flavors. Description: “A Mini Bar crafted from Crunchy Toasted Breadcrumbs that are dusted with Sea Salt and swirled in Dark Chocolate.”


Orange-A-Go-Go Chocopod Mini Bar by Chuao Choclatier. This is wasn’t strong of an orange flavor as you think, but rather subtle and a nice surprise. Description: “A Mini Bar crafted from Dark Chocolate, Candied Oranges, and Essence of Orange Bergamot.”


Tropical Blend Crunch Dried Fruit by Sensible Foods. This sounds delicious, and I love fruit! Description: “This Tropical Blend contains dried Apple, Banana, Mango, and Pineapple. They’re the perfect snack when you’re on the go.”


They included my sterling silver bonus bracelet that they missed in my box last month.


This month’s bonus item is another Always Radiant Wipes-to-Go. These are handy. Description: “Carry-anywhere wipes for on-the-go freshness.”


Last but not least the necessary item and reason/excuse for all these goodies!


This was a great box and I enjoyed the multiple treats!



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