Glitter Guilty July 2014

July’s Glitter Guilty, I’m happy to say has some pink and some very exciting gifts! Here is the first look.


Insert business cards.


Starting with Daisy Mae, my monthly custom! A strawberry cream jelly with matte lilac flower, small square holo pink, and small matte pink hex glitters. It’s a very feminine combination, and I adore it so much!


The monthly mini is called He Loves Me, and I was very surprised to find it in full size in my box! Thrilled actually. 😃 This is a mesmerizing lilac lavender crelly with small pink holo squares & small pink and lavender holo hexes, tiny lavender and pink holo glitters make up this pastel lilac polish.


This month’s gifts are a Watermelon Lip Glaze from Whatever Floats Your Goat, and a couple of saltwater taffy! The lip balm literally had me in giddy awe, it glides on like buttery frosting, and is so creamy and rich. Unlike any lip balm I’ve tried before, I plan on taking this with me everywhere! The watermelon scent is subtle and the pink color is adorable!


This was a wonderful box and I am simply smitten with both polishes! They’re very enchanting and remind me of Disney princesses which is why I love them so!


Monthly Mini He Loves Me is a newly-found favorite! I love how sheer it can be, and gorgeous with 1 coat, but I wore it with 3 thin coats here.



Daisy Mae is such a cute name! It’s such a gorgeous sheer pastel pink! It’s gorgeous with 1 coat, but today I wore 3 thin coats! Paired with tribal nail decals from Nailed Kit for a perfect summer mani!



These polishes applied easily. The flowers in Daisy Mae needed a little fishing, but placing the bottle upside down for 5 minutes helps bring them up from the bottom. No complaints here! It also dries fairly quick which is also nice! I used A Girl Obsessed’s Magpie Shine Top Coat.



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