Hammock Pack Los Angeles June 2014 Pack

For June’s Hammock Pack box, the theme is Los Angeles which makes me reminisce about home in California that I really miss! Naturally, all items in this box are made in Los Angeles, CA! πŸ™‚ Insert photo below.



First look.


The Museum Nails, Nail Polish Wraps, are gorgeous and very unique. These are the Jungalow Collection wraps. Description: “Owners of Dear Hancock Paper Goods have recently launched a delightful collection of nail art sets. In collaboration with various artists, Museum Nails has created a way to wear art on your fingertips. Each set comes with 16 nail wraps all with different colorful designs. Easy to apply and fun to wear, you may be taking a break from the nail salon while you try out all six funky designs.” Value $12.50/box.



These are made with real nail polish, you can smell it once you open the package. The wraps themselves are very thin, so much that they’re hard to work with without tearing, or stretching it too much accidentally. I had to use all of them because I kept messing up so much. They’re gorgeous but all the wrinkles and imperfections bother me so I’ll probably keep these on for only a day.



The Yes Bar, Snack Bar in Mocha Cayenne flavor. The taste was very unique, full of dried fruit and seeds. The mocha flavor was prominent and very tasty, and the cayenne spice snuck up on me with several bites in a light way that was awakening. I really enjoyed this! Description: “You haven’t had a snack bar quite like this before. Made with real ingredients, you won’t believe these cookie-like bars are good for you.” Value $3, they sell a 12 pack for $36.


Sencha Naturals, Green Tea Mints. I love these, they have a great taste and I love that you get the equivalent in antioxidants of 1 cup of green tea with 3 mints. Description: “The 1st of its kind, these green tea mints come in a variety of flavors and benefits. Packed with antioxidants, each mint promotes healthy living.” Value $3.95, sold as a 5 pack for $19.75.


Mebath, Bath Ice Cream. This is a huge, generous sized “scoop of ice cream”!! It’s Papaya Nectar scented, and reminiscent of sandy beaches and the ocean, which is the perfect description. I am addicted to this scent! It recommends using it within 2 weeks of purchase since it’s made from fresh, and good-for-you ingredients. Description: “Perfect for summer, these ice cream inspired bath soaks are handmade with nourishing minerals and aromatic oils.” This is definitely a luxury item, priced at $9.99.


Beanfields, Bean & Rice Chips in BBQ flavor. BBQ is always a safe flavor for chips and almost always tastes great. You can taste the satisfying beans, tasted flavor, and bbq all combined together. I enjoyed this with a little queso con salsa dip. Description: “Gluten-free, non-gmo, and great tasting, these bean and rice based chips are a healthier choice for snack lovers. Choose from the many flavor options.” Value $1.25, sold as a 24 pack for $30.


The total value of this box is $30.69 which breaks this box even since it’s a $30 subscription which is how it usually goes with their box. I don’t mind though, I get quality items that I almost always enjoy. πŸ˜ƒ



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