Jamberry Party Results and Hostess Gifts!

My Jamberry Party that I mentioned a few weeks back, has come to an end and I picked out my amazing gifts and couldn’t be happier! I had earned $400 and my wonderful Jamberry representative Kim gave me a chart to keep track of my earnings and goals! My goal was for $400 but never did I dream I would hit that goal! So I was seeing stars to say the least. Thanks to Kim I earned $80 in product credit, 1 free wrap of my choice, five 1/2 off items, 3 months free shipping, and 3 Hostess exclusive wraps for June, July, and August!

The Hostess exclusive wraps for June-August are pictured below. I am absolutely loving July and Augusts, actually I adore all of them!!




For my 1 free wrap I chose Jamberry Junior Bright Imagination. The vibrant colors look like they’ll make an amazing pedi or accent nail!


With my $80 credit I picked 5 wraps and the 6th wrap was $5 off with my remaining credit. I chose Retro Curves, Leopard, Feminine Flair, White Romance, Carmen Ombre, and Madeline.







For the five 1/2 off items I picked more wraps: Lace Noir, Mint Green & Gold Horizontal Pinstripe, Fashion Delivers, Sunset Beach, and Touch Of Lace.






After my half off items my total, which included free shipping, was $50.82. With each wrap costing $15, and I got a total of 15, the value is $225!! I’m elated. 😃 😃 Thanks to my Jamberry consultant Kim again!


The glorious Jamberry nail mail photo!



Thank you for viewing! I’d love to hear about any Jamberry experience you have had and how you like them. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Jamberry Party Results and Hostess Gifts!

  1. I just had my first Jamberry party and we had a blast. I’m really loving the August host exclusive (blue) and am trying to find some. Do you, or do you know anyone that has a sheet or half sheet of them they would like to trade or sell?

    • Hi! I have my sheet I earned but I like it so I’m not really willing to part with it. What I’ve done before is ask my Jamberry rep if they have a certain sheet and if not sure was able to trade with another rep who had it. Not sure if all of them do that, but feel free to contact her! Let her know I sent you over, her info is in the blog post 🙂

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