Coca Cola Collection by OPI Nail Mail and Mani!

I recently purchased a few of the Coca Cola Collection polishes by OPI and some other polishes in this nail mail package! Starting with these 4 gorgeous OPI shades that I am totally in love with!! From left to right, Feel The Mo-heat-oes Green (not a part of this collection but a gorgeous mint!), You’re So Vain-illa (a soft creamy nude), Coca-Cola Red (I am a fan of their traditional Coke red!), and Sorry I’m Fizzy Today (a lovely pastel salmon pink).


I also finally ordered some Magpie Shine Top Coat from my favorite Indie nail polish maker friend Samantha, of A Girl Obsessed, because my girl friends have constantly raved about how shiny it stays and makes mani’s last forever! She also was generous and included a mini Nail Envy for me. 😃 I also ordered some of her cuticle oil because it smells amazing. I chose to have her pick my scent for me, she picked Fresh Floral Honeydew which smells heavenly!! The name couldn’t be more spot on, and I am a huge honeydew scent obsessed gal! The applicator makes application easy and convenient for on the go, and I plan on keeping this with me at all times!


For this mani I decided to be creative and use the white Jamberry wrap that seems like a purely promotional piece. I turned the logo into a decal 😃 I also used OPI Feel The Mo-heat-oes Green (which is a gorgeous shade!) and China Glaze Fang-Tastic.



Got any recent indie nail mail you’ve shared recently? I’d love to see/read about it and feel free to link the post in the comments! 🙂 I of course, also had to snag me another Glitter Off by OPI because I am all about glitter polish and this little guy makes my life easier!


Thank you so much for reading my blog post! It truly makes me happy!


4 thoughts on “Coca Cola Collection by OPI Nail Mail and Mani!

  1. I so have to get some glitter off. I LOVE glitter but hate when it comes time to take it off. I love that OPI Feel The Mo-heat-oes Green; I agree it’s a gorgeous shade of mint. I love the way your mani looks! I bought my first indie polish from Marbles for Polish it’s called Mermaid Summer. I haven’t officially tried it yet (except on my toes) but am hopeful to include it in my next mani.

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