Eco Emi June 2014 Patriotic Themed Box

To prepare subscribers for 4th of July, Eco Emi sent us a Patriotic themed box for June.





First look!


Additional inserts.


Starting, sadly with a lavender item I can’t try out…Organic Relaxing Coat Shampoo by Atobiko. $12/6oz valuing this 1oz sample at $2. Description: “When your puppy is covered in mud, look to this organic shampoo! It gently removes grit, softens dry skin, and smooths the texture of their hair. Not only does it refresh your dog’s skin, but it also helps alleviate pain from sores, scrapes, and insect bites.” We use baby shampoo on our dog since he has sensitive skin, I can’t try this lavender wash because I wouldn’t be able to snuggle with him due to my lavender allergies!


Lavender Cuticle Oil by Whooty Hoot Creations. $5.29/5ml. Luckily Eco Emi made a note of my lavender allergies and sent me this rose cuticle oil scent instead, which I sent them a note thanking them because I love cuticle oil! I’m so, so happy that I can use this and the lovely petals inside are gorgeous! Description: “Enjoy the fragrance of lavender with this all natural cuticle oil! Apply this organic product generously onto each nail bed once or twice a day to promote healthier and thicker nails. The Vitamin E oil ensures that the surrounding skin is hydrated and smooth.” The owl label is absolutely adorable!! The scent is almost undetectable, but the rose petals are very lovely to look at and make the product feel very feminine. This works good so far on my cuticles!


Lime Coconut Lip Balm by Molly Rose. $5/.15oz tube. This feels buttery and smooth on the lips, definitely creamy, with the perfect amount of lime scent! Description: “Enjoy an intoxicating trip to the tropics! Bursting with zesty lime and a subtle kiss of coconut, this luscious lip balm is 100% vegan and organic. When your lips are cracked and dry, generously apply to create an island oasis of moisturization! ”


Creaseless Hair Ties by Kind Ties. $8/set of 6, bringing this 1 valued at $1.33. This is actually headband size but could be used as a hair tie, if tied around enough. Description: ” Running late, but still need to do your hair? These creaseless hair ties provide a low hassle solution! Use as a head band, hair elastic, or as a cute bracelet – mix and match the patterns to compliment your outfit!”


Amazing Meal Packet by Amazing Grass. $29.99/10 count making this packet valued at $2.99. The flavor is vanilla chai, and this tasted more like a blended oatmeal drink than a veggie packed one. I rather enjoyed this compared to some of the powder blend packets! I mixed it with 10 oz of almond milk and l loved it. Description: “Amazing Grass products support overall health and wellness while helping you reach your daily servings of fruit and veggies. Each meal packet is sourced from organic ingredients to help give you that boost! Use coupon code ECOEMI14 on the Amazing Grass website, you’ll save 20% on your order and receive free shipping.” I actually loved this so much I bought it, since I have Amazon Prime I get it for less at $19.99/10 count which is awesome!


Eco Nail File by Gourmet Body Treats. $3/1 nail file. This nail file is very flimsy and thin, I’m not sure if it will hold up to my acrylics that I have layered over my real nails so maybe I’ll save this for pedi’s. Description: “Made from 100% recycled paper, you can go green during your mani or pedi! Perfect for filing your nails to a soft finish. After months of use, just throw the file in the recycling bin with the rest of your paper!” I like that I can recycle this when I’m done with it.


Pressed Eye Shadow by Lauren Brooke. $12/Full Size. The duo is called Smokey Quartz/Twilight and is a elegant matte dark and pewter grey. I love that I can understand each of the ingredients listed! Description: “This newly formulated pressed eye shadow is richly pigmented with all natural ingredients such as jojoba, broccoli seed, and orange peel wax. It applies silky smooth and blends easily for an all day wear.” This is full size 1.8g. The duo’s are a new item and I’m excited to try that!


Natural Sun SPF 30 Green Tea Antioxidant by Aubrey Organics. $15.95/4oz. This packet sample is .17oz so I’m considering it free like most packets. Descriptions: “Created with an intensive, protective formula, this antioxidant blend of sunscreen prevents damage and fights the aging effects of sun exposure. Water resistant for a full 40 minutes!”


This was an incredible box. I’m very excited about the cuticle oil, Vanilla Chai sample, and eyeshadow duo! The value total of this box was $31.52 which is very impressive for it’s $15 price subscription. 🙂


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