Love With Food Take Me Out to the Ball Game June 2014 Deluxe Box

I have not regretted upgrading from the Taster box to the Deluxe box with Love With Food, since I have been getting nonstop amazing snacks and introduced to healthier brands!


First look and the insert.



I love Yum Earth Organics so I was pretty happy about these Pineapple, Raspberry and Mango Fruit Snacks! πŸ˜ƒ Description: “Welcome the summer sunshine with these fun tropical snacks made with real fruit extracts and no gluten, dairy, nuts, or soy.”


Gum Balls by Tree Hugger Gum. I’m not a fan of chewing gum because it causes me to swallow too much air and isn’t good for GERD apparently. These gum balls look fun though and I might try them to taste the flavor and then toss it. Description: “Pro ball teams can chop through over 10 cases of gum a season, but we’d recommend this all-natural, vegan, non-GMO version for your next chew.”


Cheddar Baked Fries by Snikiddy, these look pretty darn drool worthy! I love cheddar fries and a healthier version is completely preferred by me! Description: “Skip the lines for garlic fries and try these all-natural, non-GMO, baked cheddar fries – with all the flavor but half the fat of traditional fried snacks.”


Snap Back Cookie by The Cookie Department. This Ginger detox cookie has a subtle heat from the ginger and cayenne that sneaks up on you as you continue snacking. It is very unique and delicious, pair that with the moist, chewy texture and it’s a perfect snack. It’s a good thing this is two servings so I’ve got a second snack time option! Description: “Whenever it’s time to get your game face on, the natural detoxifiers in these cookies will help you snap to attention.”


Chicago Mix by G. H. Cretors. I love that there’s the perfect combination of sweet caramel and savory cheddar in this! I’m a fan of both but if I had to choose I’m a cheddar fan so this is perfect for movie time! Description: “Shake up this bag before opening for a combination of sweet & salty that knocks it outta the park.”


Montmorency Cherries by Stoneridge Orchards. I’m normally not a fan of tart or sour snacks, so I’m a bit weary to try this. Description: “These dried cherries have the perfect tart bite, and have been grown in the USA by the same family farmers for generations.”


Good For You Granola, Almond Butter & Jelly Sandwich by Jolly Oak. I don’t like granola snacks so I’m not sure if I’m up to stomaching these. Description: “You’ll be ready to swing for the fences after starting your day with this all-natural, non-GMO superfood granola.”


Chocolate Cookies by Dolcetto. The company name was mispelled as “Dulcetto” instead of “Dolcetto” as on the packaging which was why I couldn’t find the website at first. These sound incredible! Luckily their website is listed on their packaging! Description: “Whether it’s game day or just Tuesday, you don’t need a special occasion to indulge in this 100-calorie pack of crispy creamy cookies.”


Original BBQ Sauce by Outta The Park. I love this container sized sample, it’s perfect to try as a condiment to maybe two to three snacks. I’m looking forward to trying this with fries, or chicken nuggets. Description: “Add a homerun taste to your next barbecue with this all-natural & gluten-free sauce made with zesty ginger and jalapenos.”


Veggie Dippin’ Chips by Party-Tizers.
Description: “These kale, carrot ,and spinach chips are perfectly engineered for dipping, without distracting you from the gametime action.”


This was a pretty fun box and I have a lot of delicious snacks for when I get a craving for something sweet or savory, or both!


These coupons were also included.


Plus, as a bonus for anyone who got to the end of this post, feel free to use this (whoever redeems the code first wins!) for $100 towards wine from!


I ironically had just enough points in my Love With Food account to redeem a 12 pack of the YumEarth Organics fruit snacks for free and since it was shipped in this month’s box shipping was also free! The pack is normally $11.99 but I redeemed it with 1199 points.


Thank you for viewing, and if you were the lucky one to redeem the Naked Wines $100 credit, I’d love to hear from you and how you like your wines! I’ve redeemed a few wines from them and love the variety and flavors of their wine.


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